Ten Tips for Renters

Not Yet Ready to Buy a Home?

Ten tips for renters is an Essay for those who are not in a position to buy a home for the foreseeable future.  There are many reasons not to buy a home besides the fact that you can’t afford one.  You are not ready to buy if:

  • Your credit score needs work.
  • Your job situation is not secure or may require relocation.
  • Your personal life is such that you enjoy the freedoms that rental can bring, at least for the present.
  • You need time to save for a down payment and closing expenses.
  • You don’t trust the Real Estate market just yet.

I Need to Rent.  What are ten tips for renters?

Top ten tips for Renters

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1. The best way to win over a prospective landlord is to be prepared by bringing with you a completed rental application; written references from previous landlords, employers, friends, and colleagues; and a current copy of your credit report.
2. Carefully review all of the important conditions of the tenancy before you sign.
3. To avoid disputes or misunderstandings with your landlord, get everything in writing.
4. Ask about your privacy rights before you sign the lease.
5. Know your rights to live in a habitable rental unit and don’t give them up.
6. Keep communication open with your landlord.
7. Purchase renter’s insurance to cover your valuables.
8. Make sure the security deposit refund procedures are spelled out in your lease or rental agreement.
9. Learn whether your building and neighborhood are safe, and what you can expect your landlord to do if they aren’t.
10. Know when to fight an eviction notice and when to move. Unless you have the law and provable facts on your side, fighting an eviction notice is usually a shortsighted waste of time.  Don’t let your stubborn streak cost you time and money.

Bonus Tip

Take photographs of the premises before you move in.  Pay special attention to areas that need work or a fix up.  You don’t want to be blamed for something you didn’t cause when it comes time to leave and you need to get your damage deposit back.

maintaining good communication with your landlord can be a life saver if trouble comes your way.


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