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Mortgage Lending Future Landscape

  Mortgage Lending Future Landscape The mortgage lending future landscape has been outlined in a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In an attempt to balance lender’s approach to mortgage lending the new rules aim at a policy that is neither too easy nor too hard.  In the words of director Richard Cordray

Credit Scoring Woes Ruining Romance

 Credit Scoring Woes Ruining Romance Are credit scoring woes ruining romance for you?  Occasionally reporters like to seize on anecdotal evidence and try to turn it into a trend for the sake of a story.  This tactic may be caused by laziness or a slow news day or there may really be something to it.

Discounted Homes Market Shrinking Rapidly

  Discounted Homes Market Shrinking Rapidly Discounted homes market shrinking rapidly according to the highly respected analysts at Real Estate’s premiere web site Zillow.  Zillow’s research shows that the repossessed and bargain homes that have been fueling the Real Estate market comeback are disappearing fast. Competition, low interest rates and free market forces may soon

Housing Boom Coming Say Optimists

Conjoined twin sisters from Nuremberg Chronicle (1493). (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Housing Boom Coming Say Optimists Here we go again as it becomes clear that the housing crisis has leveled off, at least in most areas.  Optimists who have been awful quiet lately are now emerging with a new found vigor and predicting banner days ahead. 

Prepare First for that Rock Bottom Mortgage Rate

Prepare First for that Rock Bottom Mortgage Rate When you’re ready to take advantage of today’s rock bottom mortgage rates keep these pointers in mind: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail Have proof of at least 2 years income in the form of pay stubs and W2s.  Have more than 2 years worth of

FAQ: Is the mortgage tax deduction threatened?

FAQ: Is the Mortgage Tax Deduction Threatened? FAQ:  Is the Mortgage tax deduction threatened? Changes in the law allowing itemizers to deduct interest on mortgage payments up to $1 million do not appear to be imminent.  The housing market is showing encouraging signs of recovery. Policymakers are being urged to adopt the physician’s motto of