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Credit Report Personal Information: A Deep Dive

Credit Report Personal Information Category Your credit reports from Equifax, Experian or Trans Union each have five different categories: Personal Information, also referred to as Personal Identification Information by Equifax Historical Account Information Inquiries Public Records Collections This Essay will deal with the basics of the Credit Report Personal Information category.  My purpose is to

Credit File Fraud Alert Before Security Freeze

Credit File Fraud Alert Less Drastic than Credit File Security Freeze Credit file fraud is a concern that can be managed by vigilance coupled with regular monitoring of credit reports. Many consumers are confused about the pros and cons of a credit file fraud alert versus a credit file security freeze.  Let’s take a look

Craigslist Loan Co-Signer Borrower Desperation Move

Craigslist Loan Co-Signer Never a Good Move I’ve been hearing about this one for a while.  Would be borrowers with either no credit history or truly terrible credit have been advertising on Craigslist for co-signers.  It seems as though anyone stupid enough to fall for this scheme probably deserves what they get.  These requests are

Fabricated Identity Theft Fast Growing

Fabricated Identity Theft One of Four Types of Identity Theft The FTC has reported that Identity Theft continues to be the highest ranking consumer complaint it receives.  Fabricated Identity Theft is the fastest growing class of Identity Theft according to the FTC.  Fabricated Identity theft presents the victim with a hassle that will not be

Identity Theft Risk

Identity Theft Risk Sources Identity theft risk comes in many forms.  A high percentage of Identity theft risk is caused by people you know or who are close enough to you to find your valuable information.  Many cases originate from mailbox theft.   Identity Theft Risk Damage is Hard to Undo Many more cases come from

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Identity theft can cause massive and long lasting headaches.  Most identity theft is actually low tech and is caused by people you know who may have access to your personal information through misplaced trust mixed with carelessness.  The longer you have let identity theft go the harder it becomes to clean it up.