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Discounted Homes Market Shrinking Rapidly

  Discounted Homes Market Shrinking Rapidly Discounted homes market shrinking rapidly according to the highly respected analysts at Real Estate’s premiere web site Zillow.  Zillow’s research shows that the repossessed and bargain homes that have been fueling the Real Estate market comeback are disappearing fast. Competition, low interest rates and free market forces may soon

Housing Boom Coming Say Optimists

Conjoined twin sisters from Nuremberg Chronicle (1493). (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Housing Boom Coming Say Optimists Here we go again as it becomes clear that the housing crisis has leveled off, at least in most areas.  Optimists who have been awful quiet lately are now emerging with a new found vigor and predicting banner days ahead. 

Newsflash to home sellers: Buyers don’t care what you paid!

 Home Buyers Don’t Care What You Paid! Home Buyers don’t care what you paid.  Why should they?  Current sellers who bought their homes after 2007 are overpricing their properties by an average of 14%, those who bought their homes before 2002 overprice by 12% over market value, those who bought from 2002-2006 about 9% over. 

Home sellers beware! Cash back deals are illegal

Home Sellers Beware: Cash back deals are Illegal We’ve all seen the ads saying in effect:  $10,000.00 cash back deal with full price.” or “Free car with full price.”  These cash back deals can have many negative effects, not the least of which is to drive up prices for comparable sales.  Studies have shown that

Boosting Your Home Value

Boosting Your Home Value In today’s tricky real estate market some home fixes add value-and some don’t bring much return on your investment. Adding a wood deck to your home makes sense. You can expect to receive back an average of 80 percent of the cost. But think twice about adding a 2 story addition.