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Trended Data

Trended Data Tracks Borrowing Behavior Over Time Credit scores are based on a snapshot of the data contained in your credit file at a given point in time.  If you habitually carry a high balance close to the credit limit you can pay it off just before the statement closes for the month.  The report

Those great mortgage rates require higher than ever credit scores

Great Mortgage Rates Require Than Ever Credit Scores Interest rates can hardly go any lower, but this year 75% of Fannie Mae mortgages go to those with sterling credit scores of 750-775, up from less than 5% before 2005. Great mortgage rates go to  FICO scores of 760.  For great mortgage rates 760 is the

Fannie Mae to Banks: “Reach out to troubled borrowers.”

Fannie Mae to Banks: “Reach out to troubled borrowers” New rules from Fannie Mae require home loan servicers to communicate more directly with homeowners who are troubled borrowers to expedite arrangements to help them avoid foreclosure.  Jeff Hayward, senior vice president of Fannie Mae’s national servicing organization said: Troubled borrowers must know options “We want