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Debtor’s Legal Rights

Debtor’s Legal Rights Consumers are protected from abuse by credit reporting agencies, debt collectors, predatory lenders and others who prey upon the gullible and weak by a variety of laws.  Some of these laws are more well known than others.  Federal Laws usually supersede State Laws when there is a conflict. State Laws sometimes provide

Debtors Suing Debt Collectors Successfully Turning Tables

  Debtors Suing Debt Collectors Successfully Under FDCPA Debtors suing debt collectors.  Is this a man bites dog story?  More and more debtors are taking advantage of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 and going after the collectors.  The hunter is becoming the hunted! The mouse is chasing the cat.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Restricts Robocalling

Keeping Robots in their Place The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA),  47 USC, Section 227 is a federal law that places certain restrictions on the use of auto dialers by telemarketers and debt collectors.  The law imposes detailed requirements on those who are the masters over the robots that are gradually invading our lives and

Debt Collectors Now Face Federal Oversight

Debt Collectors Now Face Federal Oversight Check with your local State Department of Business Regulations to see if the debt collector is registered as legally required.  Many debt collectors forget to renew their registration.  If their registration has lapsed they have no legal standing to report or verify any debt. January 2, 2013 marked the

Letter Stops Debt Collectors Calls

Stopping Debt Collector‘s Calls Do you need to make harassing calls from debt collectors stop?  Are constant interruptions from a debt collector causing stress in your life? What to say to debt collector’s calls: Do not admit to the debt or express your desire to pay the debt.  Until the debt has been validated with

Suing Debt Collectors: A Primer on Fighting Back

  Suing Debt Collectors: A Primer on Fighting Back Check the Secretary of State’s office to make sure the debt collector’s corporation is current with its annual reports.  Then check the State Department of Business Regulation to see if they are current with their registration as debt collectors.  You would be amazed at how many

Debt Collectors Break Silence

Debt Collectors Break Silence There have been several books and articles recently in which debt collectors come clean about what goes on behind the scenes. Finally debt collectors break silence. I suppose a late blooming conscience is better than none at all.  (Couldn’t resist a snarky remark).  Debt collectors claim to collect over 8 billion