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FAQ: Creditor Won’t Delete for Payment? What Now?

  Delete for Payment Delete for payment is the single most important weapon in the credit repair arsenal.  I have mentioned many times that I strongly advise debtors to insist to creditors that they delete for payment negative entries at the Credit Reporting Agencies.  Start by making a low-ball offer on the balance under condition

Debt Collectors Break Silence

Debt Collectors Break Silence There have been several books and articles recently in which debt collectors come clean about what goes on behind the scenes. Finally debt collectors break silence. I suppose a late blooming conscience is better than none at all.  (Couldn’t resist a snarky remark).  Debt collectors claim to collect over 8 billion

Debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute

Debt Collector‘s Duties after Receipt of your Dispute Before getting into the debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute I’d like to hope you tried settlement before you filed your dispute.  Did you have proof you didn’t owe the debt?  If so did you call and see if it could be settled quickly?  It

FAQ: Explain “Date of First Delinquency”

Date of First Delinquency One of the most common questions I am asked is Why should I be concerned about the Date of First Delinquency?  The date of first delinquency is critical to measuring the life cycle of the negative entry on the credit report.  The date on which you miss your first payment is

Dealing with Debt Collectors

Keep Emotions in Check when Dealing with Debt Collectors Do you panic when you hear that cold voice on the telephone informing you that “This call is being recorded?”  Dealing with debt collectors has begun and it is not just going away soon.  The process of trying to get you to pay up on an