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Debtors Suing Debt Collectors Successfully Turning Tables

  Debtors Suing Debt Collectors Successfully Under FDCPA Debtors suing debt collectors.  Is this a man bites dog story?  More and more debtors are taking advantage of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 and going after the collectors.  The hunter is becoming the hunted! The mouse is chasing the cat.

Auto Repossession Default Primer

Auto Repossession Default Primer We all know that if we fail to make payments as agreed on our auto the dealer’s ultimate recourse is repossession.  But how far in arrears can we go?  Exactly how does it work?  What gives them the right to do this?  What do I do if I’m under the gun? 

Suing Debt Collectors: A Primer on Fighting Back

  Suing Debt Collectors: A Primer on Fighting Back Check the Secretary of State’s office to make sure the debt collector’s corporation is current with its annual reports.  Then check the State Department of Business Regulation to see if they are current with their registration as debt collectors.  You would be amazed at how many

Debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute

Debt Collector‘s Duties after Receipt of your Dispute Before getting into the debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute I’d like to hope you tried settlement before you filed your dispute.  Did you have proof you didn’t owe the debt?  If so did you call and see if it could be settled quickly?  It

Debt collectors want more power: e-mail, cell, autodialers!

Debt Collector‘s Limits Debt collectors are enjoying unprecedented prosperity as Americans struggle with the weight of credit car debt, car loans and other forms of debt.  Always make debt collectors prove their authority to collect by producing the original contract.  Check with your Secretary of State and Department of Business Regulations to make sure their

Dealing with Debt Collectors

Keep Emotions in Check when Dealing with Debt Collectors Do you panic when you hear that cold voice on the telephone informing you that “This call is being recorded?”  Dealing with debt collectors has begun and it is not just going away soon.  The process of trying to get you to pay up on an