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Credit History Hope Proposed

Credit History Hope Proposed There are an estimated 64 million “credit invisibles” to use the term credit reporting agency Experian uses.   This refers to those who are shut out of the mainstream financial system due to a tarnished, incomplete or nonexistent credit file.  Recent immigrants and those who are un banked for whatever reason

Credit score to you may differ from lender’s version

Credit Score to You May Differ From Lender’s Version UPDATE;  You can now buy your “auto enhanced score” and your “Real Estate Score” directly from FICO at their website. FICO‘s credit score to you may differ from lender’s version.  FICO has dozens of “boutique” credit scores tailored to different industries.  Some industries care about certain

FAQ: If an item gets deleted from my credit report can it re-appear later?

Credit Report Deletions Reappearing Credit Report deletions reappearing will cause distress to anyone.  If credit report deletions reappearing is legal what would be the point of deletion?  Occasionally a negative item that has been removed from a credit report will eventually be verified by a creditor after the 30 day limit, at which time the

FAQ: I know what shows on my credit reports, but what doesn’t show?

Credit Reports Don’t Show Everything Did you ever have a toothache and were afraid to go to the dentist?  You know he’s going to fish around in there and find more problems than you bargained for.  Did you ever put off a trip to the doctor because you were afraid of what you might find