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Credit Scoring Reform Radical Proposals

Credit Scoring Reform Wholesale Proposals Do you think that Credit Scoring is unfair from soup to nuts?  Would you like to see reforms mandated that achieve sweeping changes?  After all Sweden’s credit reporting system only keeps negative credit information for 3 years; Germany keeps it for 4 years.  Isn’t 7 years for most negative entries

Debt Collector Legal Registration

  Debt Collector Legal Registration Requirement Did you know that a debt collector must register with your local State Department of Business Regulation in order to report, confirm, verify or try to collect an alleged debt?  Do you know why debt collector legal registration may be of critical importance to you?  Let me tell you

Credit Report Personal Information: A Deep Dive

Credit Report Personal Information Category Your credit reports from Equifax, Experian or Trans Union each have five different categories: Personal Information, also referred to as Personal Identification Information by Equifax Historical Account Information Inquiries Public Records Collections This Essay will deal with the basics of the Credit Report Personal Information category.  My purpose is to

Experian Lawsuit Alleges Careless Numerous Errors

  Experian Lawsuit Filed by Mississippi Attorney General An Experian Lawsuit has been filed against the credit reporting giant by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood’s office. “Experian has turned its failure to maintain accurate credit reports and its refusal to investigate consumer’s disputes into a business opportunity” according to Mr. Hood.  “Experian has for more

Debt Collection Letter Action Plan

Debt Collection Letter May be Fake That debt collection letter that has you so upset may or may not be real.  Don’t let your fear of having a collection wind up on your credit reports make you pay first and ask questions later.  There are a lot of creative scammers out there dreaming up ways

First Credit Card Enables Early High FICO Credit Score

 First Credit Card Big Opportunity Life has it’s benchmarks.  Turning 7 is the classical entry into the “Age of Reason” in some religions.  Now it is possible to commit a sin!  The first credit card makes it possible to commit financial sins that can lower your credit score for many years to come.  Those who

Charge Offs, Judgments and Liens on Your Credit Report

Charge Offs, Judgments, Liens Charge Offs, Judgments, Liens are among the most difficult problems facing the consumer who is trying to turn his credit score around.  Many people do not really understand just what  “charge offs” are and what can be done about them. What are Charge Offs of a debt? A creditor charges off

Credit Score Coding Explained

Negative Entries on High Credit Scorers Credit Scores of 760 and beyond frequently have notations of a negative nature.  Yes, even the well off have problems.  We have all read stories about lottery winners who have found misery with their winnings instead of the happiness they imagined such a windfall would bring.  Needy relatives, alcoholism,

Credit Reporting Complaints Direct to Federal Watchdogs

Credit Reporting Complaints Direct to Federal Watchdogs Credit Reporting Complaints Direct to Federal Watchdog Individual level credit reporting complaints to Federal Watchdog Consumer Finance Protection Bureau can be made directly. “Credit reporting companies exert great influence over the lives of consumers.  They help determine eligibility for loans, housing and sometimes jobs” said director Richard Cordray. 

Credit Repair Myths and Misconceptions

Old Wives Tales about Credit Scoring Credit Repair myths and misconceptions are as numerous as the myths of ancient Greece and Rome combined.  The following are some of my favorite credit repair myths.  This list is by no means complete.  Just when I think I’ve heard them all new credit repair myths pop up. Credit

Credit Bureau Errors and The Consumer Bureau

Credit Bureau Errors The regulators at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are taking direct aim at Equifax, Experian, Trans Union and smaller credit reporting agencies to determine whether their responses to consumer complaints of errors are fair and reasonable.  They will focus on the tens of thousands of complaints by consumers who say it is

I won my credit dispute, but the damage has been done!

 I Won My Credit Dispute Damage is Done Unfortunately the presence of negative information on their credit report becomes known to many people only after it has hurt them.  This is why I urge being pro-active about keeping your credit reports clean by finding problems ahead of time. Credit dispute damage is preventable.  Get your