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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report Card

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report Card UPDATE  Since the CFPB started investigating credit card practices in July of 2011 new categories that have been added include mortgages, bank accounts and services, private student loans, auto and other consumer loans, credit reporting, debt collecting, payday loans and money transfer services.  The CFPB has recently announced even

Credit Bureaus Don’t Forward Documentation

Credit Bureaus Don’t Forward Documentation When you disputed that error on your credit report you enclosed carefully detailed documentation supporting your claim.  Don’t assume that this documentation was then forwarded to the alleged creditor for examination.  It wasn’t according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau‘s latest report.  Instead it was simply assigned a code classification

Credit Bureaus Have Own Negative History

Credit Bureau’s Negative History If your grade school teachers appointed a “hall way monitor” to snitch on others if they talked out of line you probably had the same opinion as I did of that person.  Don’t you sometimes feel as if the Credit Reporting Agencies are the adult version of the hallway monitor? The one

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield   Hopefully your father wasn’t so stupid that he went to jail for stealing pens from a bank and you weren’t so ugly that the doctor slapped your mother when you were born, but like Rodney Dangerfield your electronic credit bureau complaints get no respect from the credit reporting

Credit repair businesses under fire

Credit Repair Businesses are controlled by Feds The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is now studying Credit Repair Organizations and may come up with new regulations at some future point.  Until that point is reached this is the current state of the law. The Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) is the law that governs businesses

What if the credit agency denies my dispute?

Disputing Negative Credit Report Entries You have copies of your recent free credit reports.  You know that negative information must be both accurate and verifiable. You have filed your dispute in writing.  You have resisted the temptation of disputing negative credit report entries on line because you know that filing complaints on line requires the