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Subprime Auto Loans Easy Availability Lacking Regulation

Subprime Auto Loans Easy Availability UPDATE:  Delinquencies of 60 days or more have increased by 27 percent in the 3d Quarter of 2014 Equifax reports.  The largest increase is among sub prime borrowers as might be expected.  Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama are the worst offenders.  North Dakota with its booming economy is the best. 

Refinancing Car Loans Soaring

 Refinancing Car Loans Soaring Low interest rates and pent up demand have caused a growing demand for people to refinance older car loans they may have gotten at a higher rate.  Many people have been riding out the recession by driving old but still serviceable cars longer. When you’re worried about job security a new car

Auto Loan Co-Signing Alternative That Keeps Friend

  Auto Loan Co-Signing Alternative That Keeps a Friend How will you react when the dreaded moment arrives when your friend or relative asks you to co-sign a loan for them?  They have to have that car.  Maybe they need it for transportation to and from work.  Maybe they need a minivan to take the

Auto Repossession Default Primer

Auto Repossession Default Primer We all know that if we fail to make payments as agreed on our auto the dealer’s ultimate recourse is repossession.  But how far In arrears can we go?  Exactly how does it work?  What gives them the right to do this?  What do I do if I’m under the gun? 

Car Loans Tied to FICO Score

  Car Loans tied to Credit Score Car loans are a recurring monthly headache for tens of millions of people.  In an attempt to simplify the situation for many people let’s review this matter with a brief tutorial and a down to earth chart showing how car loans tied to credit score.  Before we go