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Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap

Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap All 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion have an online dispute resolution process called “Expedited Dispute Resolution” governed by Section 611 a (8). The credit bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a trap.  We all can be tempted by short cuts.  There is no substitute for creating

Alarm Bells to Credit Providers

Alarm Bells to Credit Providers Most lenders periodically review the accounts of those creditors they already have.  What do they look for? Here are Some Alarm Bells to Credit Providers Multiplying lines of credit.  Nothing signals desperation more than a sudden surge of applications for more credit.  File this under self explanatory.  This is the

Confirm Your Credit History

Confirm Your Credit History It is common for creditors to fail to report your good credit history to the bureaus.  Be pro-active.  Look at your report for missed positives as well as false negatives. Why Should I have to confirm My Credit History? In reality you should not have to confirm your credit history.  Creditor’s

Credit repair businesses under fire

Credit Repair Businesses are controlled by Feds The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is now studying Credit Repair Organizations and may come up with new regulations at some future point.  Until that point is reached this is the current state of the law. The Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) is the law that governs businesses

Your right to explain in writing on credit reports

  Your Right to Explain in Writing on Credit Reports There are many things about the credit scoring system that are counter-intuitive.  A consumer has a right to file a written statement of 100 words or less to explain anything he feels needs further explanation.  Don’t do it. Statements in Writing on Credit Reports don’t

Before applying: Back to basics

Beginning Credit Repair Before applying for a mortgage you must begin the process of analyzing your credit report for mistakes.  Removing bad information is the first step towards improving your credit score.  Here’s how to begin if you are beginning credit repair and enhancement process.  Don’t be intimidated about beginning credit repair.  It’s actually quite