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Raise Your Credit Score With 8 Baby Steps

Raise Your Credit Score With 8 Baby Steps Raise your credit score with 8 baby steps if you are finally getting serious about getting your financial life in order. Buy that new car, home or just enjoy that comfortable feeling that comes from knowing that if you need money it’s waiting for you.  Before you

Credit Repair Myths and Misconceptions

Old Wives Tales about Credit Scoring Credit Repair myths and misconceptions are as numerous as the myths of ancient Greece and Rome combined.  The following are some of my favorite credit repair myths.  This list is by no means complete.  Just when I think I’ve heard them all new credit repair myths pop up. Credit

Credit Card Blocking

  Credit Card Blocking Beware of credit card blocking when you check into a hotel or rent a car.  The clerk gives your credit card issuer an estimate of what the total bill will be and your available credit is reduced by his estimate.   The credit card issuer places a hold on that amount. Credit

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield   Hopefully your father wasn’t so stupid that he went to jail for stealing pens from a bank and you weren’t so ugly that the doctor slapped your mother when you were born, but like Rodney Dangerfield your electronic credit bureau complaints get no respect from the credit reporting

Closing unused credit cards lowers FICO: Correcting the Wall Street Journal

Closing unused credit cards lowers FICO: Correcting the Wall Street Journal I was once shocked to read in The Wall Street Journal’s column of July 10, 2011 a statement that was clearly wrong regarding unused credit cards.  I wrote an e-mail to columnist Tom Lauricella regarding his column entitled: “Mortgage Rates are Great if You

Equifax-Experian-TransUnion: Compare major credit bureaus

Equifax-Experian-TransUnion: Compare Major Credit Bureaus If you are nervous about examining your credit reports you are not alone.  Many people shy away from actually pulling credit reports and looking for fear of what they will find.  This is just as irrational as not going to the doctor or getting a medical test because if you

FICO Needs Credit Limit Reported!

 FICO needs credit limit reported! If your credit card does not have a set limit to report on each statement submitted to the credit reporting agencies you have a potential problem.  FICO needs a credit limit reported!  FICO’s computers will otherwise assume that the highest balance you ever had represents your limit. Call and ask

Cash only policy=Low FICO score

Cash Only Policy=Low FICO Score The title of this essay may be a little bit misleading because a strict cash only policy would mean no FICO score for someone who never used credit.  Use credit or lose it.  People who abide by a cash only policy are usually very proud.  They think they are beating

FAQ: I know what shows on my credit reports, but what doesn’t show?

Credit Reports Don’t Show Everything Did you ever have a toothache and were afraid to go to the dentist?  You know he’s going to fish around in there and find more problems than you bargained for.  Did you ever put off a trip to the doctor because you were afraid of what you might find

First Step to Rebuild credit

First Step to Rebuild Credit Stop the Bleeding.  Pay at least the minimums from now on.  Nothing is more important than being on time with your payments.  Start a blemish free payment record going forward right now.  This is the first step to rebuild credit.  The rest will fall into place as you learn what