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Credit Score Fundamentals Beginner’s Guide

  Always Pay Credit Cards and Loans on Time No credit score fundamentals beginner’s guide can start without emphasizing the importance of timely payments.  Recent late payments hurt your score in a big way.  You also incur penalties.  Make at least the minimum payment if you possibly can.  If you can’t do that call and

Raise Your Credit Score With 8 Baby Steps

Raise Your Credit Score With 8 Baby Steps Raise your credit score with 8 baby steps if you are finally getting serious about getting your financial life in order. Buy that new car, home or just enjoy that comfortable feeling that comes from knowing that if you need money it’s waiting for you.  Before you

Credit Repair Tips and Reminders

Credit Repair Tips and Reminders This credit repair tips and reminders column is to recap some basics that all consumers should always bear in mind.  In my experience there is no question that comes up more often or that is more of a worry to consumers making a big effort to improve than this: : 

Primer on Disputing Credit Report Negatives

Primer on Disputing Credit Report Negatives If you have been reading my book available at http://onhomebuyingandcreditrepair.com and following my column you know that “pay for delete” is the way to go. Instant gratification…no fuss, no muss. The negative record disappears as if it never existed. Who could ask for more? But what if they won’t play

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield

Credit Bureau Complaints Treated Like Dangerfield   Hopefully your father wasn’t so stupid that he went to jail for stealing pens from a bank and you weren’t so ugly that the doctor slapped your mother when you were born, but like Rodney Dangerfield your electronic credit bureau complaints get no respect from the credit reporting

Confirm Your Credit History

Confirm Your Credit History It is common for creditors to fail to report your good credit history to the bureaus.  Be pro-active.  Look at your report for missed positives as well as false negatives. Why Should I have to confirm My Credit History? In reality you should not have to confirm your credit history.  Creditor’s

Credit repair businesses under fire

Credit Repair Businesses are controlled by Feds The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is now studying Credit Repair Organizations and may come up with new regulations at some future point.  Until that point is reached this is the current state of the law. The Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) is the law that governs businesses

Cash only policy=Low FICO score

Cash Only Policy=Low FICO Score The title of this essay may be a little bit misleading because a strict cash only policy would mean no FICO score for someone who never used credit.  Use credit or lose it.  People who abide by a cash only policy are usually very proud.  They think they are beating

FAQ: I know what shows on my credit reports, but what doesn’t show?

Credit Reports Don’t Show Everything Did you ever have a toothache and were afraid to go to the dentist?  You know he’s going to fish around in there and find more problems than you bargained for.  Did you ever put off a trip to the doctor because you were afraid of what you might find

Your right to explain in writing on credit reports

  Your Right to Explain in Writing on Credit Reports There are many things about the credit scoring system that are counter-intuitive.  A consumer has a right to file a written statement of 100 words or less to explain anything he feels needs further explanation.  Don’t do it. Statements in Writing on Credit Reports don’t

Be Alert: “Credit Repair Professionals” scams

Credit Repair Professionals or Do it Yourself? It is my bedrock philosophy that those who are ready to make a serious effort to improve their credit score should start the process themselves.  It is necessary to have at least some basic understanding of how the system works.  Beginners need to adhere to the guidelines contained

Start repairing credit now!

  Start Repairing Credit Now Since you’re reading this it is a safe bet that you are interested in improving your credit score.  You need no convincing from me regarding the benefits of a high credit score. It’s time to start repairing credit now.  So many things depend on good credit from home mortgages and

Before applying: Back to basics

Beginning Credit Repair Before applying for a mortgage you must begin the process of analyzing your credit report for mistakes.  Removing bad information is the first step towards improving your credit score.  Here’s how to begin if you are beginning credit repair and enhancement process.  Don’t be intimidated about beginning credit repair.  It’s actually quite