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Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap

Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap All 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion have an online dispute resolution process called “Expedited Dispute Resolution” governed by Section 611 a (8). The credit bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a trap. This section of the Federal law governing the responsibilities of the credit reporting agencies

Equifax-Experian-TransUnion: Compare major credit bureaus

Equifax-Experian-TransUnion: Compare Major Credit Bureaus If you are nervous about examining your credit reports you are not alone.  Many people shy away from actually pulling credit reports and looking for fear of what they will find.  This is just as irrational as not going to the doctor or getting a medical test because if you

Get collectors to agree to delete before paying!

Get collectors to delete before paying If a debt is paid after it has been reported to the credit reporting agency it will show as paid.  Unfortunately this has little effect on your credit score although lenders will look more favorably on paid matters.  It’s the fact that there was a collection incident that is

Dealing with Debt Collectors

Keep Emotions in Check when Dealing with Debt Collectors Do you panic when you hear that cold voice on the telephone informing you that “This call is being recorded?”  Dealing with debt collectors has begun and it is not just going away soon.  The process of trying to get you to pay up on something

Be Alert: “Credit Repair Professionals” scams

Credit Repair Professionals or Do it Yourself? It is well known that credit repair professionals do not have access to powers that are not available to consumers.  Many consumers study up on the process and do a fine job of increasing their own credit score.  Others prefer to bypass the long learning curve and let

Start repairing credit now!

  Start Repairing Credit Now Since you’re reading this it is a safe bet that you are interested in improving your credit score.  You need no convincing from me regarding the benefits of a high credit score. It’s time to start repairing credit now.  So many things depend on good credit from home mortgages and