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Are Utility Payments Reported to the Credit Bureaus?

Are Utility Payments Reported to Credit Bureaus? Gas and electric utilities do not report regular or irregular payments to the credit bureaus.  They do report accounts that are seriously delinquent that they have charged off.  Typically these old delinquencies are assigned to debt collectors who list them with the credit reporting agencies without fail.  You

Equifax, Experian + TransUnion Announce Separate Credit Score

Equifax, Experian + TransUnion Announce Separate Credit Score CoreLogic and FICO will partner to provide a separate credit score to lenders that want it.  CoreLogic will provide information that FICO does not currently use including payday loans, child support payments and evictions..  Future uses for subscribers are also contemplated including rents, phones and utility payments.

Confirm Your Credit History

Confirm Your Credit History It is common for creditors to fail to report your good credit history to the bureaus.  Be pro-active.  Look at your report for missed positives as well as false negatives. Why Should I have to confirm My Credit History? In reality you should not have to confirm your credit history.  Creditor’s

FICO Needs Credit Limit Reported!

 FICO needs credit limit reported! If your credit card does not have a set limit to report on each statement submitted to the credit reporting agencies you have a potential problem.  FICO needs a credit limit reported!  FICO’s computers will otherwise assume that the highest balance you ever had represents your limit. Call and ask

FAQ: I know what shows on my credit reports, but what doesn’t show?

Credit Reports Don’t Show Everything Did you ever have a toothache and were afraid to go to the dentist?  You know he’s going to fish around in there and find more problems than you bargained for.  Did you ever put off a trip to the doctor because you were afraid of what you might find