Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap

Credit Bureau's expedited dispute resolution is a trap

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Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a Trap

All 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion have an online dispute resolution process called “Expedited Dispute Resolution” governed by Section 611 a (8). The credit bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a trap.  We all can be tempted by short cuts.  There is no substitute for creating a paper trail when disputing credit reporting agency information.  This section of the Federal law governing the responsibilities of the credit reporting agencies reads as follows:

The Governing Law

“The agency is not required to comply with paragraphs (2), (6) and (7) with respect to that dispute if they delete the trade line within 3 days.”

  • Paragraph 2 states that it is mandatory for the agency to forward the dispute and all of the associated records you present to the creditor.
  • Paragraph 6 states that the Credit Reporting Agency must provide you with written proof and results of the dispute process.
  • Paragraph 7 states that the Credit Reporting Agency must supply you on demand with the process used to verify the negative entry from the person making the dispute.

What does this Law Mean?

The law isn’t detailed enough to require the credit bureau to permanently delete or suppress the derogatory item.  The Credit Reporting Agency can perform a “soft delete” for about a month and then the derogatory item can reappear when the creditor reports it again in the subsequent 30 day cycle.  This is because the credit reporting agencies are not obligated to tell the creditor that you disputed it at all!

Equifax will send you an email asking you to switch to the electronic process after you have filed your written claim.  Don’t pay attention to their disingenuous appeal to your environmental sensibilities.  The environment is not their real concern

And “the catch” is…

Since the creditor never knew the negative entry was being disputed they will report the negative item again. The Credit Reporting Agency will put it right back on.  What the consumer thought was a permanent solution turns out to be only temporary. The Credit Bureau’s “Expedited Dispute Resolution” is a trap.

you have no proof that the investigation ever took place as you would have had with certified mail, return receipt requested!!  The short cut you took will mean starting over.
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