Start repairing credit now!


Start Repairing Credit Now!

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Start Repairing Credit Now

Since you’re reading this it is a safe bet that you are interested in improving your credit score.  You need no convincing from me regarding the benefits of a high credit score. It’s time to start repairing credit now.  So many things depend on good credit from home mortgages and car loans to actual employment.  It was always the case that employers of those entrusted with money or jobs with high security clearance were subject to credit reviews.  Now, unfair as it may be in many cases, many employers use your credit score as if it were a report card on your character or personal responsibility.  Some other reasons to start repairing credit now:

  • You’re moving.  The new landlord will want to check your credit worthiness
  • You need a cell phone contract
  • You need to buy something like furniture or an automobile on credit
  • You are thinking of buying a home
  • You are getting married
  • You are getting divorced
  • Job hunting
  • Expecting a child
  • Starting college
  • Been to the ER or a hospital lately?  Co-pays and extra charges have a way of sneaking through
  • Worried about ID theft

Beginning the Credit Improvement Process costs nothing!

I’ve chronicled the first steps in the journey to your best credit score ever in previous posts.  Now you have your free reports.  It’s time to get rid of whatever negative entries are there with challenges in writing, not electronically.  Electronic challenges are dangerous and involve giving up certain legal rights which I have dealt with in more advanced posts.  Do not just start paying until you have a plan of action.  You will learn how to get deletions.   Deletions are much more favorable than entries just marked as paid.  The more recent debts that are realistically within your reach will have a priority.  Patience is the key to success when you start repairing credit now.  Debts that are settled for less than face value are marked as such.  This means they still have some negative influence on your score.

Negative Entries Must be Verifiable

It’s impossible to estimate the chance of success when you challenge a given creditor. If the entry cannot be verified it must be removed. Utility companies, Bank of America, Sears and Capital One to name a few know all the tricks.  These companies are very diligent about backing up their claims. Your chances of success against them are low if you really owe the bill. If it is a case of mistaken identity or some other type of legitimate error by all means go ahead and challenge.  If the negative entry is legitimate negotiate for deletion for payment instead of marking it paid.  If this fails pay it first and then challenge it.  There is a good chance they will not bother to respond resulting in deletion.   Many credit repair companies try to impress their clients by filing frivolous disputes with no hope of success. Start repairing credit now by using a surgical approach with your challenges.

Credit Disputes are Thrown into an Automated System

Credit disputes are herded into an automated system where a worker overseas spends an average of 2 minutes reducing it to a code and sending it back to the creditor to “investigate.” Credit reporting agencies and creditors are legally required to do meaningful research and analysis of disputes but that is almost never done. You are guilty until proven innocent and it can take a long time to correct an error.  I have seen entries that may involve a felon with the same name and birthday. I was reported as deceased on one of my credit reports for several months until it was finally removed.  Bottom line:  The credit bureaus work for and are paid by the creditors.  These creditors are the ones who buy credit reports from the credit reporting agencies as their attitude proves.

Challenge with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

If you lose with the Credit Reporting Agency‘s challenge system you now have a direct source of appeal.  Go to the consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s web site and challenge there.  You will have a brand new set of eyes look at the situation.  Hopefully you will find less bias in favor of creditors there.  You can track the progress of your case in real time on line.  This system is really quite easy to use.  It is fast.  Many creditors just ignore it and lose by default resulting in the negative entry being expunged.

After your challenges are exhausted you can negotiate to delete with the remaining negative entries


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