Prepping your home for a good appraisal and quick sale

Prepping your home

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Prepping Your Home

Prepping your hme for a good appraisal and quick sale does not have to a dreadful duty to be put off until you have to do it all at once.  Getting started is usually the worst part of any ambitious project.  Breaking your goals down into smaller achievable goals does wonders for the spirit.  As each goal is accomplished you have that nice feeling of getting somewhere.  Time spent on prepping your home for a good appraisal and quick sale is time that will repay you in dividends.

Five Pointers for prepping your Home for Sale

1. Clean and remove clutter. Clutter makes the home, yard and garage look smaller. Get rid of it. Have a yard sale or put it into storage. Not staying on point in this area will suggest that you are neglectful in other areas such as basic maintenance. Take away all items you don’t use regularly and clean out those closets. Make it easy for the appraiser to put a higher value on the home.
2. Replacing appliances such as your water heater will make a great impression on appraisers and buyers.
3. “Curb appeal” is a prime consideration. New shrubs, fresh paint if you need it or power wash what you have. A strong classy new front door is a great investment. A new mailbox costs little and looks great. Prune deadwood, reseed where needed, remove overgrowth, rake, spread a thick new layer of mulch, nail loose fence boards, put away kid’s toys.
4. Even if you must hire a cleaning crew scrub walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, fixtures, appliances. This lightens and brightens and subliminally projects an impression of a home that was meticulously maintained.
5. If you have made improvements don’t be bashful. Have you put in a deck? Surround sound wiring? Remodeled? Supply your agent with a list of these things if you have made major improvements or renovations.  If you saved receipts all the better.
If worse comes to worse remember that unfavorable appraisals can be contested and countered by hiring your own appraiser.

Enhanced by Zemantatime spent prepping your home pays dividends many times over.
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