Low Credit Scores Do NOT = Bad Behavior on the Job


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Do Low Credit Scores Predict Bad Behavior?

Low Credit Scores Do NOT= Bad Behavior on the Job

People seem to regard credit scores as a report card on character in general.  Did you ever suspect that Employers use low credit scores as report cards on the applicant’s moral fiber?  We all know people who brag about their high credit scores implying that this makes them a better person than those with low credit scores.

A series of university studies have found some rather unexpected results regarding low credit scores as indicators of character traits.

Low credit scores do not predict bad behavior or a tendency to commit theft on the job.  This flies in the face of the assumptions implicit in the thinking of those employers who insist on looking at the credit scores of applicants as if they were report cards on character or morals.  People with low credit scores tend to be more successful at sales, perhaps because of the trait of agreeability.that leads them into helping others.

The New York City Council has been presented with a bill by Councilman Brad Lender that would outlaw discrimination by employers against applicants because of low credit scores.  Ten States already outlaw low credit scores discrimination by employers.  Senator Elizabeth Warren has been trying repeatedly to outlaw low credit scores as discrimination in employment Federally without success.

Low Credit Scores Can be a Positive Insight

People with bad attitudes tend to have higher credit scores while more agreeable people have low credit scores.  Why is this?  Researchers theorize that disagreeable people are less likely to yield to family pressure to co-sign loans or to open store credit cards for them.  These scenarios are recipes for low credit scores disaster.  And cell phone piggybacking?  Don’t get me started on that one.

But…Fair or Not….

Remember that people do tend to treat low credit scores as a kind of unit of reference on the way you play the game of life. I’m sure that Bernie Madoff and his peers and cronies all had sensational credit scores.  Many hard working, honest and wonderful people  have low credit scores because they are too generous or have run into a stretch of bad luck.  Some of it can also be attributed to not understanding the scoring system very well since so much of FICO scoring defies common sense.  Furthering credit scoring understanding is what we’re trying to do here.

And Finally,

Co-signing for a friend or relative or adding an authorized user to a credit card may not always be the right thing to do.  Good deeds seldom go unpunished.


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