Identity Theft Risk

Identity Theft Risk Sources

Identity theft risk comes in many forms.  A high percentage of Identity theft risk is caused by people you know or who are close enough to you to find your valuable information.  Many cases originate from mailbox theft.  

Identity Theft Risk Damage is Hard to Undo

Identity Theft Risk

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Many more cases come from leaving old bills around the house and making notations of PIN numbers where they can be found.  Go paperless.  Invest a few dollars in a shredder. You want to invest extra effort to prevent this Identity theft risk before it starts. There are a few more things to beware of.  Here are a few.

  • Non bank ATMs are more likely to be hacked
  • Flea Markets and transient merchants
  • Foreign shops and cafes
  • Non secure online checkouts
  • WiFi hot spots and public computers
  • Recurring bills
  • Unsolicited email offers
  • Strange and foreign domain extensions (not .com or the other familiar ones
  • Strange swipe terminals–stand alone or those that look like there is something added

Identity Theft Risk Requires Vigilance

There is no magic bullet for preventing identity theft.  Regular monitoring of your credit reports will go a long way to limiting the damage if it does occur.  Speedy action is imperative if it happens.  Get right to work at the first sign of identity theft risk before it spirals out of control.

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