FAQ: Which Credit Bureau Score Will be Pulled?

Which Credit Bureau Score Will be Pulled?

We will deal with a question that is a “frequent flyer”.  FAQ: Which Credit Bureau score will be pulled?

Banks typically pull all 3 credit bureau’s scores and receive what is called a “tri-merge” report for mortgage applications.

Although policies differ from bank to bank (they’ll tell you) many banks just go with the middle score.  Other banks may have a policy to average out your credit scores as they appear on the reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

If One of Your Scores is a Lot Lower

When it comes to credit cards most issuers pull only one report.  Many insiders feel that not as many lenders use Experian as use Trans Union and Equifax.  I have no evidence on whether or not that is true one way or the other.  What to do if one score is significantly lower than another?  Which credit bureau score will be pulled?

Certainly you must attack the weaknesses that make the score lower at the problem bureau using the techniques and tricks you have learned from reading my book or watching my videos.  This will take some time and even at best you can still wind up with significant differences in your scores after using the fine toothed comb.

It can be difficult to find out which credit bureau will be used, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.  The lender may have a policy against furnishing this information to applicants.  This falls under the umbrella of “proprietary” information in the minds of many lenders.  If you have applied to the same institution previously you can check that portion of your credit report that reveals who pulled from where.  This is usually not the case unless you are asking for a larger line of credit.

Some banks pull at random bureaus.  This is true of both financial institutions and card services.  Much as I would like to offer an inside tip on how to game this aspect of your loan application I don’t know of any.  Do your best to keep them all in as good shape as you can.

Many lenders try to analyze, based on a variety of criteria, which bureau has the most comprehensive and accurate information for a particular area.  This is the reason it sometimes appears that one particular credit bureau is used more than others in a given area.  Which credit bureau score will be pulled? is a question that can make or break a credit application.


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