FAQ: If an item gets deleted from my credit report can it re-appear later?

Credit Report deletions reappearing

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Credit Report Deletions Reappearing

Credit Report deletions reappearing will cause distress to anyone.  If credit report deletions reappearing is legal what would be the point of deletion?  Occasionally a negative item that has been removed from a credit report will eventually be verified by a creditor after the 30 day limit, at which time the creditor may re-submit it.

Rights if credit report deletions reappearing happens

The Federal Credit Reform Act (FCRA) requires a creditor to re-inform the debtor before attempting to re-report the listing.  The FCRA also makes it more difficult for credit bureaus to re-report items.  Consequently the credit bureaus are very reluctant to re-report negative entries that have been deleted.  For these reasons it is quite rare for a negative item to re-appear in a credit report.  If it does the creditor should re-challenge it and press for permanent deletion.  It is critical to review your credit reports regularly to guard against unpleasant surprises.

Don’t use online challenging

Challenging credit report deletions reappearing is one more good reason why smart consumers always attempt to first contact creditors to try and settle.   Insist on deletion as a condition precedent to settling the account.  If you do it this way you need never again worry about it.  If the creditor won’t cooperate make your challenge in writing.  Use certified mail, return receipt requested if you have time.  If you don’t have time regular first class mail will do.  I know the online short cut is tempting but the reality is it involves waiving certain legal rights. If the credit reporting agency deletes the negative entry within 3 days they don’t have to notify the alleged creditor!  This means the creditor will re-submit because they don’t know what happened.  When dealing with credit bureaus you need to preserve all the legal rights you have.  This gives you complete records should you need to appeal to the CFPB.

Stubborn creditors can be dealt with

After negotiation with the creditor has failed.  After you can’t get results through the credit reporting agencies procedures you now have the Consumer Financial Protection Agency on your side.  Document everything and demonstrate to the CFPA and to the credit reporting agency that you are serious.  You can go to the CFPA website for an overview of their very user  friendly procedures.  They settle most disputes rather quickly.  15 day settlements are their goal.   You can follow your dispute in real time online.  I have yet to lose a case with them.  When you take the case this far the credit reporting agencies seem anxious to just get rid of the problem with a deletion.  No one needs or wants problems with the Feds if they can avoid it.

Be stubborn and organized and you will beat this problem of credit report deletions reappearing


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