FAQ: I know what shows on my credit reports, but what doesn’t show?

What doesn't show on your credit reports

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Credit Reports Don’t Show Everything

Did you ever have a toothache and were afraid to go to the dentist?  You know he’s going to fish around in there and find more problems than you bargained for.  Did you ever put off a trip to the doctor because you were afraid of what you might find out?  Welcome to the human race.

You may be worried about the wrong things on your credit reports

Yes I’ve heard the story many times.  I’m afraid to look at my credit reports because I know they are going to be bad.  We know that knowledge gives us power over bad things.  We know that there may be things on our credit reports that will make us wince.  We also know that there have been no recorded fatalities caused by looking at credit reports.  There may even be some positive things in there that you had forgotten about.  Sometimes a mistake by the credit reporting agency may even work in your favor.  If you’ve been keeping up with my essays you know what does show on your credit reports.

Here is what doesn’t show on your credit reports

Criminal Records, DWIs do not show.  Here are some other things:

1. Overdrafts on your checking account don’t show if they are settled prior to going into collections.
2. Checking your own credit score is a “soft” inquiry which has no negative effect.
3. Paying high interest rates doesn’t affect your credit score even though it was the bad credit score that forced you into those bad interest rates in the first place.
4.Records of Credit counseling…so don’t shy away from seeking credit counseling if you think you need it.
5. Your age cannot be considered.  If you have a longer positive credit history because you are older that will help you.
6. The receipt of unemployment checks.
7. The receipt of food stamps or public assistance.
8.  Late rent payments used to be safe from scrutiny, but beware. Experian may consider your rental payment history for good or ill.  Few landlords opt into this service.

Most court judgments and over half of all tax liens will no longer show on credit reports due to new rules that went into effect in July of 2017.

Finally, no matter what you may have been told, Getting either a raise or a pay cut, race, religion, medical history, lifestyle, politics and friends are what doesn’t show on your credit reports.  Unpaid payday loans don’t show up in our experience although I can’t guarantee that in every case.

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