FAQ: Can a bill collector call on Sundays and Holidays? My job?

Bill collector Sunday calls

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Bill Collector Sunday Calls

You’re getting bill collector Sunday calls? Is this legal?  The answer to bill collector Sunday calls is a qualified Yes.  Always start by making the bill collector prove that he has a legal right to collect the bill.  Tell him you need to see his contract with the original creditor.  Be assertive.  Ask for proof he is currently licensed to collect bills in your home State.  If the alleged debt is not verifiable it must be deleted.

Your rights if bill collector Sunday calls get you down

But you have a right to tell him not to call you on certain days if you provide a time for his calls that is convenient to you. If he knows or has reason to know that your employer prohibits such calls he may not call you there.  It is up to you to give him an alternative number at which you can be reached. The law presumes that 8:00 AM-9:00 PM are reasonable times but you can tell the bill collector otherwise.

Can I stop bill collector Sunday calls?

If you are beyond being willing to talk about it at all, they must stop calling you anywhere after you have informed them in writing that they must stop forthwith.

Federal law does not specifically limit the number of bill collector Sunday calls that can be made. Repeated calls over a short period of time that may be annoying or harassing are prohibited.

Bill Collector Sunday Calls and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

In 1991 the FTC restricted calling and texts to wireless phones by autodialer without the consumer’s prior consent.  This is still good law.  If they are doing this even by accident you have a case.  It is up to the debt collector to verify that the number they are auto dialing is not a cell phone number.  In this day of portable phone numbers that isn’t easy.  Today 36 percent of homes have wireless only.

if you want to enjoy your sunday without bill collector sunday calls you know what to do.
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