Debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute

Debt collector's duties

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Debt Collector‘s Duties after Receipt of your Dispute

Before getting into the debt collector’s duties after receipt of your dispute I’d like to hope you tried settlement before you filed your dispute.  Did you have proof you didn’t owe the debt?  If so did you call and see if it could be settled quickly?  It saves a lot of time to do this first.  If the debt is real you may want to offer settlement for a percentage of the amount claimed in exchange for a deletion.  Debt collectors can do this and frequently will if you have the money ready to go.  Insist on a promise to delete by email before paying.  If they are uncooperative challenge the entry with the credit reporting agencies by claiming it’s unverifiable.

Debt Collector’s Duties after Receipt of your Dispute don’t include Negotiation…

But they will negotiate.  Why?  They buy your debt for pennies on the dollar.  They get paid bonuses for collecting.  They are in business for making money and nothing else. Debt collector’s duties are secondary to the money in their mind. If for some reason they won’t negotiate then file your carefully worded dispute and shift the burden to verify the debt to them.  If they can’t verify they must delete.

What are the debt collector’s duties now?

When the debt collector receives a copy of your notice of dispute the debt collector’s duties include 4 things:

  • Conduct a reasonable investigation
  • Review all information provided by you in your notice of dispute
  • Complete the investigation and respond to the credit reporting agency within 30 days
  • If the investigation determines that the disputed item of information is inaccurate,  they must correct the inaccuracy with each consumer reporting agency to which the collector has provided the inaccurate information.

Debt collectors duties start with verification

Only verified debts can be carried on credit reports.  If the careful work you do here fails, Appeal to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  Their web site makes it easy and your carefully verified objections will be fully examined.  Decisions are usually rendered within 15 days.

persistence and good records will win out in the end.


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