Credit Card Behavior Scores


Credit Card Behavior Scores

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Credit Card Behavior Scores

Credit Card Behavior Scores

I find credit card behavior scores incredible.  Large credit card companies commonly keep separate credit card behavior scores on their customers according to a study conducted by the Federal Reserve.   There was an incredibly large total of 35 million instances in one month.  Only 1900 card holders actually saw a reduction in their credit score because of this.

And a Credit Card Behavior Score is….

What is a credit card behavior score?  It’s a private score kept by credit card companies, unavailable to the consumer, indicating whether or not they use their card in places that are looked upon with disfavor by the credit card companies. If you have any activities on the list below planned for the future you should always remember the Whitey Bulger philosophy when it comes to these matters: Ca$h leaves no tracks. 

Some Examples Measured by Credit Card Behavior Scores

These credit card behavior scores are kept on records that are completely unknown to the consumer.  Who has access to them?  They are used to help decide whether to raise interest rates, lower credit limits or even to keep or withdraw the card.  Such a practice is inherently discriminatory towards low income and minority creditors.

Cries Out for Legislation Against Credit Card Behavior Scores

I don’t like to see the government overly involved in financial matters, but this situation cries out for preventive legislation.  There is no end to ways for privacy to be invaded if the government sits by and lets it happen in any instance.  When the government is inactive that means it has given tacit approval to the industry practice.  I hope the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking into credit card behavior scores.  As far as I know the CFPB has been silent on this issue up to this point.

Payday Loan Warning
Some payday lenders run inquiries on your credit score and some don’t.  Don’t believe them.  They will tell you they don’t inquire and then do it anyway.  They all offer incredibly bad deals.

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