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Your Passed Over Customers are Your Best Loyal Customers

Customers Who Qualify Easily Will Shop Around

Customers you help qualify will appreciate it and refer their friends.

Thank you to all the Credit Union Marketing Executives who have been buying my book “On Home Buying and Credit Repair in bulk to pass out or re-sell to those customers who need help improving their credit scores. Some Credit Unions have been putting their own full page ad on the inside rear cover of the book. All have been excited to find that the high pass around rate has resulted in exposure to many brand new customers while helping those who have already applied that may be close to making the grade. These are your most loyal customers

Credit Union Marketing in these challenging times requires thinking outside of the box. Your business will thrive, not survive. Some Credit Unions re-sell the books for a profit while still offering their clients a deep discount. Others pass it out as their most cost effective courtesy promotion ever.

Best of all the 2013 2nd Edition is bigger and better than ever. If you want to supply your own promotional art work I can have it printed as an actual page in the book for larger orders. Others are free to place their own promotions on the inside back cover or wherever they wish.

With a cover price of $14.95, this valuable resource is the best self help tool out there. Written in plain language, with a step by step approach, the book achieves the goal of cutting through the credit scoring myths. It makes the sometimes counter-intuitive world of FICO scoring understandable to those who will no longer be intimidated by the process.

Interested in Turning Your Denials into cash? Check out some of my blog entries. I know you’ll like my style. I challenge anyone to vet my work for accuracy. Order a single copy OR, better yet…..

  • Sample Order of 5…………..$29.95
  • 50-200…………………………… 5.49 per unit
  • 200 +…………………………….. 4.99 per unit
  • FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!! Please respond by e-mail or call 800-778-7152
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