Credit Scoring Woes Ruining Romance

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 Credit Scoring Woes Ruining Romance

Are credit scoring woes ruining romance for you?  Occasionally reporters like to seize on anecdotal evidence and try to turn it into a trend for the sake of a story.  This tactic may be caused by laziness or a slow news day or there may really be something to it.

The impeccably conservative New York Times ran a feature length article claiming that there is a trend among the dating crowd to put this question out there early in the dating cycle.  “How’s your FICO?” is apparently no longer considered a rude question on a first date.  As if we can’t find out enough of the lowdown about each other on Facebook, Google and the other social media.

The New York Times ran an article called “Even Cupid Wants to Know Your Credit Score”.  In this article the reporter pointed out that there have even sprung up dating websites where your FICO score is required for membership.  This article even goes so far as to quote an executive of Money Zen Management, a financial advisory company, as follows:  “Credit scores are like the dating equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease test.  It’s a shorthand way to get a sense of someone’s financial past the same way an STD test gives some information about a person’s sexual past.”

Whew!  The New York Times is not known for sensationalizing stories because it sells papers.The story goes on to quote various people who claim that their dates have been scuttled by this question.  People today are aware of just how many limitations are placed on individuals with low scores and how much that can affect a relationship if and when it gets serious.

Financial disparities do affect relationships at any stage.  To my mind this is really just half of a story.  I say this because a FICO score is a changeable matter.  It can be manipulated quite easily in the short term by those in the know.  It can be changed in the long term by diligence.  It may be low at a given time for a lot of legitimate reasons.  Medical bills beyond the control of the person affected can be the reason just as easily as poor financial planning or reckless spending can be.  A person may have a high debt to credit ratio as they await a bonus, tax return, inheritance or any number of other things.  When they pay their credit cards back down their score will rise dramatically in a month or so.

The only comprehensive study I know of that studied the relationship between credit scores and character concluded that their was little correlation between the two.  In fact people with lower credit scores were found to sometimes be more outgoing and gregarious than higher scorers.  A credit score is just one measurement of a person’s worth, financial and otherwise.  Even though helping people to raise their credit scores is my business I always advise people to keep in mind that it should not become a major source of stress in their life..If you’re too stressed about your own score or that of a potential romantic partner you will not be as successful in improving it.  A champion major league hitter must find that balance between relaxed alertness and concentration to hit a ball coming in excess of 90 mph.


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