Credit Score Forgiveness: Good Will Letter

Credit Score Forgiveness: Good Will Letter

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Credit Score Forgiveness: Good Will Letter

It is sometimes possible to get a creditor to delete a negative entry already on your credit score.  Don’t do this unless you have actually verified that the negative entry has been made.  If you have just forgotten, say so.  Maybe you were in a temporary bind that has cleared up.  Maybe you had to scramble to keep a promise based on a promise someone else made to you.
Who hasn’t been in that situation?  Keep your story simple.

If a Phone Call to Customer Service Fails…

You can write a letter to the creditor asking for what is called a “goodwill deletion.”  This usually works with those creditors, including credit card issuers, stores or other credit grantors with whom you have a good payment history.  If you have a recent negative entry for being 30-60 days late but you’re back to being current, write Credit score forgiveness: Good Will Letter to the creditor stressing:

The Truth Will Set You Free

  • I messed up, but I’m doing well now.
  • I have been and will continue to be a loyal customer.
  • Why now is different than the time period you messed up.

Sometimes they’ll forgive an isolated late payment penalty too

If at first you don’t succeed try again. Creditors are allowed to do this by the credit bureaus.  The sooner you get on this the more likely you are to succeed.  Do it as soon as you notice the problem.  Recent late payments hurt your score badly.  The more recent they are the more they hurt it. A credit score forgiveness: Good Will Letter works a lot better than ignoring or hiding from the problem.

The late payment can be expunged as if it never happened!  A Credit score forgiveness: good will letter is great and it usually works.

Try it.  It doesn’t cost anything and can add meaningful points with just a phone call.


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