Credit Reporting Errors Legal Damage Claims

Credit reporting errors legal damage

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Credit Reporting Errors Legal Damage Claims Can be Measured

There are legal avenues to be taken for reparations when your credit standing has been injured by carelessness, negligence or even willful conduct.  Who would you sue?  How many potential defendants bear legal responsibility? How high will the judgment be if you win?  How would the amount of your damages be measured?

Quantifying Damages from Credit Reporting Errors

In order to consider whether a credit reporting errors legal damage claim is feasible there are several factors that must be considered first:

  • Did the claimant have good credit prior to the injury?  The better the credit was to begin with the more likely the case is to be worth filing
  • What proof do we have that the potential defendant(s) did something wrong?  Do we have strong documentary evidence?
  • How was the plaintiff harmed?
  • How will we measure and prove the damages?
  • Did the plaintiff make reasonable efforts to try and fix the issue?
  • Do the potential defendant(s) have the ability to pay if we get an award?

Credit Reporting Errors Legal Damage Cases Require Expert Witnesses

A legal claim based on damages arising from credit reporting errors legal damage is difficult to prove.  Finding a lawyer who is comfortable with this class of case will require reaching out further than the guy you went to school with or the lawyer who helped clear the title to your house.  Your family lawyer may be a good person to help you evaluate a potential case or help you find qualified legal counsel for the claim.  He may not be the right person to file or pursue a specialized claim such as a credit reporting errors legal damage claim. The internet will help you screen lawyers who concentrate in cases of this nature.  Don’t expect to be able to just use a local lawyer.

Your case will require the services of an “Expert Witness.”  An expert witness is a witness with a specialized background in the subject matter.  They are expensive.  It will be very difficult to explain how the credit scoring system works in an individual case without the testimony of someone qualified to teach the judge or jury the basics.  The expert witness will enable you to present enough credible bullet proof evidence to support your claim.

Credit Reporting Errors Damages Often Extend for Years

That erroneous information will stay on your credit file for 7 years in most cases.  The longer it goes uncorrected the more potential for ongoing harm accumulates.  Did you miss out on a great opportunity to buy some real estate?   Were you denied a loan for your business that would have helped you grow?  Proof can be difficult and somewhat speculative.  These cases are not easy.  They require specialized legal expertise.



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