Common Credit Card Benefits

Common Credit Card Benefits

Consumers are always aware of the cash back or frequent flyer benefits that come as common credit card benefits.  As far as pros and cons of balance transfer benefits I have dealt with them in depth in other Essays.

Sometimes we overlook other common credit card benefits that accompany many credit card purchases.  Check your contract for some of these benefits that you may be overlooking:

Common credit card benefits

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  • Purchase Protection:  If what you buy with your credit card is lost or stolen in the first 90 days after your purchase you can claim up to $1,000.00 from your credit card company.  Save your receipt.
  • Discounted Purchase from Retailers:  On your credit card’s website you will find a shopping area offering discounts on such items as movie tickets and flowers as well as from major retailers such as Target and Best Buy.
  • Extended Warranty:  Why buy an extended warranty from the store when your credit card may match the store or manufacturer’s warranty anyway?  Under this feature a 1 year warranty becomes a 2 year warranty with the card’s warranty added after the expiration of the guarantee it comes with.
  • Roadside Assistance:  You can skip the cost of this for your own car or a rental since your card may already provide it.  Speaking of rentals…..
  • Car Rental InsuranceWhy pay extra when you already have it?  Your card may offer up to $50,000.00 in secondary insurance against collision or theft.  This only applies if you book the rental with the credit card.
  • Concierge Services:  Forgot about this one didn’t you?  Can’t find that hard to get concert ticket?  Can’t get a dinner reservation where you want?  Try your card’s concierge service.  You may suddenly become a hero for a day.

These common credit card benefits are free to those who don’t carry a balance.  Those who carry high balances pay for everyone else with their high interest, fees and late charges.  Credit cards are an important benefit of modern life when used wisely and a nightmare for those who abuse them.  Check your contract.

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