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FICO Scorecards Analysis

FICO Scorecards Very Sophisticated This Essay is for the more advanced student of credit repair.  Some good background and study of credit repair on the part of the reader is expected for this one.  I like to look under the hood for accurate answers to credit repair questions.  I check the actual laws and internal

Business Credit Basics Primer

Business Credit Basics Firewall with Personal Credit Business owners typically operate as a d/b/a (doing business as) status in the beginning.  It may be “Joe’s Dry Goods” on the sign outside but the legal status is “Joe Smith d/b/a Joe’s Dry Goods.”  It’s the same with “Jane’s Bakery”, “Phil’s Pizza” or “Gina’s Beauty Parlor.” This

Educational Credit Scores Examination

  Educational Credit Scores Confuse Many FICO rules the credit scoring world.  Despite the best efforts of competitors it is used by over 90 percent of lenders. Educational credit scores are those scores produced by credit reporting agencies and others that are little used by banks and credit card companies.  FICO still commands over 90

FICO Score Variations Tailored 49 Ways

FICO Score Variations Total 49 FICO Score Variations go beyond the blunt instrument many people think they are.  Many people are aware that there is a FICO Auto score available for car dealers that specifically measures things of particular importance to the Vehicle lending industry.  By this I mean that auto lenders are more concerned

More Credit Repair Myths and Misconceptions

More Credit Repair Myths and Misconceptions This is the second part of what I suspect will be a never ending series devoted to debunking more credit repair myths and misconceptions. My first column on this subject (see link below) was written on 9/29/12.  My readers who are serious students of the subject of credit repair