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Ed St. Onge

Edward St. Onge

Ed St. Onge was a photojournalist, editor and newswriter for television stations WTEV 6 and WJAR 10 in Providence R.I. before attending law school and passing the bar prior to graduation.

A winning litigation lawyer for 37 years, Ed St. Onge has distilled his experience in home buying and credit repair to create this valuable resource for those who are getting ready to buy a home.

His time is now primarily devoted to helping consumers with their biggest financial decision. Cases of note litigated by Mr. St. Onge include:

Sister Mary Reilly et al., Plaintiffs v. Philip Noel, Governor State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Defendant, 384 Supp 741. Mentioned in the best seller “A Civil Action” this case was described as a “ringing decision” favoring a liberal First Amendment interpretation of the rights of singing protesters in the R.I. State House. Mr. St. Onge’s legal assistant for this case was Jan Schlichtman played by John Travolta in the 1996 hit movie “A Civil Action”.

Gilbert Charland, shareholder, Country View Golf Club, Inc. v. Country View Golf Club, Inc., 588 A 2nd 609. Nationally cited case defining rights of minority shareholders in forced buyouts of closely held corporations.

Rebecca Church v. John McBurney, 513 A 2nd 22. Defines statute of limitations for legal malpractice claims.

United States of America v. Sandro Martinez, United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit, No. 97-2350. This case was instrumental in defining the standard of proof the Government must meet to label cocaine as “crack” cocaine. Crack and powder cocaine are chemically indistinguishable.

During the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Ed worked as a TV cameraman for the international feed of the Olympic diving championships. Because his dramatic footage captured Greg Louganis‘ head striking the diving board with such clarity he won an award for his special contribution signed by Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee and Chung Koo-Ho, president of the Korean Broadcasting System.

~ Edward F. St. Onge, Sr. J.D.

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